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    RhoMobile License

    Jose Ignacio Arriage Castillo

      Good day, I am new using RhoMovile and developing on RhoElements, when I started to read about this topic I read that when I install and use an app developed in with RhoElements the first thing that ask me the app is the RhoMobile license, then I installed and use the app in Motorola MC65 device and the app asked me the license and if a do not register the license the app show me the message that the app is only for DEMO porpuse and if I keep open the app this message keeps returning in diferents times, but (BUT) when I use the same app in Android device like ET1 and Motorola Razr the app do not asked me the license and then this is my issue because I understand that if I install the RhoMobile app has to ask me the license until I register the device, regardless the OS.