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    SB1 text control

    Hayden Eastman

      I am developing a simple HTML app for the SB1 and am finding that I can't change the font faces for any of the tags.

      So a <h1>, <h2> or <p> tag all show the same font.  I also can't make my text bold or italic.

      Can someone explain if it's possible to vary the fonts in my html pages on the SB1?

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          Benedict Kennedy

          Hi Hayden,


          I have been able to use header and paragraph tags successfully to change the styles, I have even used WebFonts to change the fonts entirely (please note this isn't a very good way of changing fonts due to the inherent latency of loading the webfonts).


          Could you tell me which OS you are running, and could you post some sample code?


          I have attached an example SB1 app that uses different fonts. I have taken this screenshot from an engineering build of the OS, but I have used it on much older versions. Interestingly, it looks like the default (Arial) font on this version on MSWindows does not have an italic version available.


          Best regards,




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