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    Rhodes AsyncHttp call to .NET Web Service using Blackberry 7.1 Simulator (9860)

    Dave Philips

      I have a .NET Web Service that is used to authenticate users.


      I make a call from rhodes using AsyncHttp.post, pass the username and password, and receive an authentication cookie back.


      The call is made over https, but I've also tried without ssl for testing purposes.


      When using the blackberry simulator, the web service is getting hit, but upon inspecting what is returned to rhodes, the body is always set to '0', when it should have a json object in there.


      This works on other platforms, so it shouldn't be a problem with the web service itself.


      It also appears that the WebView.navigate and WebView.execute_js functions aren't working in the rhodes callback function.


      I've added the use_bb_full_browser = 6 to the rhoconfig (enable for version 6 onwards) as stated in the documentation, but this doesn't seem to have any effect.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Dave Philips

          Just a bit of an update.


          For starters, the correct data WAS getting returned to the rhodes callback function, but it was crashing when trying to navigate to the next page.


          After hours of banging my head against a wall, I stumbled across this post on the jquery site:




          It basically says that in jquery 1.7.1 (which I'm using), you need to comment out a particular line


          offsetSupport.fixedPosition = ( inner.offsetTop === 20 || inner.offsetTop === 15 );


          Anyway...after commenting this line out, I am now able to authenticate successfully, and navigate to the next page.


          But now I've hit the next issue.


          I have a manual sync mechanism, that again calls a webservice, and gets the data back as json.


          I then parse through this data in the callback function in rhodes (all within a transaction), and save it to the devices database. But this operation is just hanging, and the data isn't being saved off correctly.


          Oh well...more hours of slogging through the code, trying to find what is causing me all this grief.


          But if anyone does have any ideas, It'd be much appreciated.