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    The Authenticity of Host 'git.rhohub.com' can't be esablished and Permission denied error

      Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

      I am following the tutorial on getting started with RoHub to evaluate the product for my organization.  Unfortunately I keep getting permission denied (public-key,keyboard interactive) I follow all the steps in the tutorial for generating a rhodes app from the command line using Windows 7 and when I get to the last step of the git "push" process I get the following error message;


      "The authenticity of Host 'git.rhohub.com' ( can't be esatablished"

      <Then there is a series of informational lines and then I am asked if i want to continue connected to which I respond "Yes">


      Then I get;

      permission denied (public-key,keyboard interactive)

      fatal: the remote hung up unexpectedly



      These are the steps I am following out of the Rhohub tutorial;


      rhodes app myapp

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git config --global user.name <my name>

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git config --global user.email <my email address>

      cd MMDroid

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git init

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git add .

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git commit -m "initial commit"

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git remote add origin git@git.rhohub.com:me/myapp

      c:/"Program Files (x86)"/git/cmd/git push -u origin master

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          Just an update.  I resolved this issue through several ssh keygen trial and errors.  What i think resolved the issue was that i followed the GitHub instructions on generating a pub/private key verbatum and realized that i had an actual directory in my .ssh folder called "id_rsa".  I believe this was conflicting with the default name of the key file that is also called "id_rsa for private and id_rsa.pub for public".  Once i deleted the "id_rsa" folder and regenerated the keys in Gitbash I copied the same id_rsa.pub key (using the clip command in Gitbash) to both GitHub SSH key and RhoHub SSH key and i was finally able to successfully execute the "git push -u origin master" command.

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