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    Need help configuring RhoConnect Push Service - "App authorization sever unavailable"

      I'm trying to complete the first time setup of RhoConnect Push Service.  (running rhoconnect server 3.3.2 -- Client is Android 4.0 device with push apk installed)

      So far I have followed all the directions (http://edgedocs.rhomobile.com/rhoconnect/push-server-setup) for setting up the server and client and can see the client's device info show up in the console. 

      My ANS server is running and it loads my config.json.

      My RhoConnect server is also running and the client can do a sync successfully.


      When I try to ping a client using the console or from Ruby code, the ANS server logs this message and the client does not receive the message:


      ***** 0 POST /messageQueue/APA91bElknx2gTm6lSLgRTFibGbt47Awva2GaAtsEhG0K6QZLXyARMlISgw1Dr-yRrh6lnOSpi_zNAh8U47DFCo2F4vxV6u8tHoso7IsxUlpgIA-gvJMVGYuvo

      co3F9kb7LEd51l1aIrMKBhGFU5e4ybP6BdMhYIw {"collapseId":1,"data":{"alert":"push message","sound":"welcome.mp3","vibrate":"2","do_sync":["Orders"]}}

      ## handleMessageQueue header(s): {"accept":"*/*; q=0.5, application/xml","accept-encoding":"gzip, deflate","content-type":"application/json","content

      length":"105","user-agent":"Ruby","authorization":"Basic YXBwbGljYXRpb246","host":"localhost:8675"}

      ## message from app server { collapseId: 1,


         { alert: 'push message',

           sound: 'welcome.mp3',

           vibrate: '2',

           do_sync: [ 'Order' ] } }

      App authorization sever unavailable


      I am probably missing some code or a setting but I cannot find any other docs about configuring RhoConnect Push Service.

      Anyone have any idea what I missed?