Securized TAGs needed

Hi all,
I am working for the French police on a project that will allow the policeman to do an inventory of all the key devices that are in a police car before the police car goes in operations.
I had the idea to mark via RFID tags all these key devices (fire extinguisher, flashlight, ...) that stay in the car.
This police car may be a "hidden" police car.

So the tags need to be securized so that only the allowed RFID readers can activate the tag.
I don't want a bad guy to pass by all the cars and trucks in a given street with a RFID reader, by activating the RFID reading of a RFID reader, discover that there are RFIDs tags in a car (even if the returned data are crypted) and hence know that the "normal looking car" is in fact a police car (or truck).

This same kind of tags can be used for very expensive assets (haute couture clothes, computers, ...).

Any info or advises are more than welcomed.
We have a real opportunity if such tags exist.

If anything remains unclear please contact me.
Philippe PIEMONT
Arsen Bandurian
Philippe, there's no reader

Philippe, there's no reader authentication in EPC Gen2 standard, and that's one of the points it's been criticized for.
There's a password protection, though. Gen2 protocol specifies that a password-protected tag should not be read unless the correct password is specified. But it still replies to inventory rounds, though. So, if you have an RFID reader, you'll get no reads for this tag, maybe, but if someone tweaks firmware a little (or maybe even w/o modding the FW) - he would be able to see those tags anyway (even w/o knowing their contents).
So I believe, what you're asking is our of EPC RFID scope, if ever exists.
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