ActiveSync with multiple devices

My customer looking for solution to make ActiveSync work with multiple devices. They've been using Symbol Waveworks and want the same to configure ActiveSync to work the same way. 
It will put multiple devices in queue, and sync with the first device put on the cradle. Then sync with next device after the first device finished.
On ActiveSync, if we connect two devices at the same time, it will sync with the first device. Once we remove first device, it will not automatically establish connection with 2nd device. You need to power off/on the device to establish connection.

Does anyone know how to configure ActiveSync to make it work in this scenario? Or any suggestion for alternative software is really welcome.

Thank you,
Chandan Bettahalli
Hi Kutilda, Can you please

Hi Kutilda,
Can you please let us know the use case for this multi-activesync tool ? We are in the process of developing a prototype which will enable customers to sync multiple devices connected to a single host pc via multiple usb ports.

Also please let us know what Symbol Waveworks applciation does?

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