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    Unable to deploy rhomobile application on windows mobile device

      Hi friend,

      I am trying to deploy the rhomobile sample api application on Windows Mobile. Can any body guide me how to do it? I did the below things. Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere and please guide me how to proceed further.

      I am getting Micorsoft Active Sync connected and also installed Windows Device Emulator. I selected Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket SDK as a DataStore in Device Emulator Manager.

      As per the link http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/rhoelements2-webapps, it says "On Windows Mobile/CE devices, install the RhoElements Runtime.cab to \Program Files\RhoElements using ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. Once installed, you will have access to the RhoElements config.xml file." But the .cab file size is 19 MB and thus it's saying not enough space in the device. Thus, I made it .exe and then copied into the device. Am I in the right track. Please guide me, so that I can deploy the application on the device and test it.