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    RhoMobile barcode scan bug?

      Hi Guys,


      Using RhoMobile Suite v2 (targeting iOS), when I enable the imager to capture a Barcode, after a Barcode is scanned and you see the scan result i.e. the numbers of the barcode, if you click on those numbers, you'll get the keyboard and then you no longer see the buttons Cancel or Use to return to your main page. And you have no way of getting rid of the keyboard, it will simply stay there and so you have to kill the app process! I have also used the RHodes files from Github and this bug is still there. Note that this behavior applies only on iOS. On Android, nothing happens if you click the scan result or numbers of the barcode.


      I have a request, would it be possible in the future releases to have the ability to enable/disable a sound/beep when a barcode is captured? that would help a lot, just like normal scanners would beep when they recognize the barcode.


      Thank you,