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    What are the options for Rho Elements and MC70 devices

    Njål Stabell


      A customer is looking into using Rho Elements (Runtime) on their MC70 devices. I get an error when starting rho elements (Not a valid pocket browser application) I checked the device support and can see that MC70 is not supported. Since they are connecting to SAP through Neptune the runtime is the best option.

      Any way to make this work? (Also the OS is WM 5.0 so will upgrading to embeded OS make it work?)

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          Peter Arcuri

          That is correct the MC70 is currently not on the list of supported devices. This unit along with other devices released 5+ years ago has memory constraints. The RhoMobile business unit is diligently working on a reduced footprint so that it would install on MPA 1.0 devices. There are talks of having this available sometime following release 2.2, which is targeted for the first week of December. The MPA1.0 support will most likely come out as a service pack.


          I would suspect the prerequisite for this upcoming functionality would require upgrade to WM6.1 (that is as high as the device allows for upgrade). As we all know WM5.0 is subject to DLL crunch. Although not completely addressed in WM6.1 it proves to be less susceptible to the condition. We'll know more once it is released.


          Hope this helps manage your account.

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            Darryn Campbell

            Completely agree with everything Peter has said but I'm wondering why you get "(Not a valid pocket browser application)", Do you mean PocketBrowser or PocketPC?  You shouldn't be seeing the former at all in RhoElements.  The latter could perhaps be explained by the fact we compile for CE 5.01 and the platform might be 5.00



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