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    HTML-JavaScript code for SB1 RhoElements is running on MC45 but fails on SB1

      An HTML and JavaScript code has been written for SB1 RhoElements to access a webservice on a local LAN. On SB1 Shell the code is returning an error message, whereas the same code is running on MC45 RhoElements successfully and displays the desired return from the webservice. The code and the photographs of the output screens for both devices are being sent herewith. A resolution shall be highly appreciated.

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          Benedict Kennedy



          Have you added the required asl.js import line to the SB1 version? You need to do this as the SB1 has a JavaScript Shell running ontop of the RhoElements layer, and customer apps run within this shell and therefore it doesn't quite behave as a normal RhoElements application.


          The asl.js library is normally kept in:




          But depending on your install, this may or may not be there.


          I don't recognize that message as part of the shell, I presume it is part of your application. If you have already added the asl.js import line, I might need some more information or source code of your app to be able to track down the issue.


          Best regards,


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              Dear Mr. Ben,


              Thanks for your reply.

              The code complies with everything you have asked/advised.

              The asl.js library is kept in:



              The error message is definitely part of application. It is programmed to appear in case of exception catch.


              As required, I am sending herewith a copy of entire \UserDrive of SB1 for you:


              The path of application under subject is:



              The code (HTML file) under subject is:



              apps.json record is:


              "name": "ComplaintApp",

              "url": "/UserDrive/apps/HotelComplaintSystem/test.html"



              Along with that, to make the resolution more convenient I submit to you the following:


              For SB1 EAP we are developing a solution - Complaint Management System for Hotels. Please refer to "Hotels - Complaint Management System.pdf" for the process flow diagram of the solution. SB1 will receive/send task messages/acknowledgements from/to a server using webservices running on the server. 


              What we exactly need is a successful sample code to access the webservices (for receiving desired returns from the webservices).

              For convenience at both ends I have deployed a webservice on our test server which is having a routable static IP address: You can access if from your end.

              Web Service URL is:



              Web Method to be used is: GetWorkStatus

              Input for the Web Method (deviceID): 105

              Intended output from the Web Method: "Electrical Fault in Room No.101"


              Now I request you to do following:


              #1. Please write for us a small HTML-JavaScript code for receiving and displaying return from the above web service.

              #2. Check the code on a SB1 device type "EV3" with BSP version 22 as we have the same device type.

              #3. Send the successful code to us.


              It will be a great help.


              Thanking you,


              RANA PRATAP