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    Windows Mobile 6.5 questions.

      Hi guys,


      I built my app to run on Windows Mobile 6.5. I have some questions that I still need answers for, if you could help:


      1. What is used on WM, tab bar or toolbar? Tab bar didn't work, and toolbar looked awful! Anybody tried it before? And how to make the original WM bottom toolbar disappear? I attached s1.png which shows my app on Android, you can see the tab bar (Android specific). What is used on Windows Mobile? As I stated the tab bar doesn't display anything, and the toolbar is awful (please see the s2.docx attached).


      2.  For the Barcode scanning, I was using the Ruby API: Barcode.take_barcode(url_for(:action => :take_callback), {}) and all was good. But I guess this doesn't work on WM6.5? do I need to use the Scanner API instead of the Barcode API? i.e. should I use the javascript code for Scanner?