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    FileTransfer release memory

      Hi there,


      I developped an application for send and receive a file with FileTransfer, all it's ok, but the problem is when I receive the file more than one time, in the second requirement I receive the same file that I received in the first case, in the server where I got the file, the file is correctly updated but I receive the first file that I received everytime.

      When I close and open the application again and I run the requirement again, the file is ok, just like is in the server.

      Its look like the FileTransfer has the file saved in memory... How I free this memory??



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          Darryn Campbell

          FileTransfer doesn't save the file in memory.  A couple of suggestions:


          * Have you set the overwrite property of FileTransfer to true for the current transfer (it will be set back to false between transfers)

          * Failing that, could this be a server cache issue?  Try adding a '?randomNumber' to your file name