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    Tutorial for how to access phone call events?

    Navnath Lanke

      Hi all,

           I am  new to rho mobile environment and wants to access the phone call events like incoming call, call answered, call end etc.

      on detection of a incoming call, i want to call a dot net web service (caller's number as a parameter) and start an activity to display the data returned by the web service.

      Can anybody please help me to achieve this?


      I would also like to know in which category this application will be RhoElement or RhoConnect?


      any help regarding this is highly appreciated.


      Thank you very much

      Navnath Lanke

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          Pietro Francesco Maggi

          Hi Navnath,

          The app you’re describing is a RhoElements App. RhoConnect is the component handling integration with the backend servers.

          In this case, once you get the phone call data you can simply call a webservice from your ruby code.


          Now to get the phone call notification, you’ve to built a native extension with the support for the different platform you’re interested in.



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              Navnath Lanke

              Hi Pietro,

                   Thank you very much for replying to the post.

              As I am a very newbie to the Rho development and also to the Ruby, Can I expect some detailed steps or a sample tutorial, which will demonstrate the things?

              Which classes do i use to get these phone call events and where do i capture them?


              I may be asking very basic questions, but please help me to complete this app.

              I will be very thankful again for the help.

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                  Jon Tara

                  Docs on writing native extensions:




                  As to what classes to use to get the events and how to capture them, that is platform-specific. You will need to write different code for every platform you want to support, and research the native API(s) for those platform(s).


                  Not all platforms support this. For example, this is not possible on iOS - there is no native support for phone call events in the public APIs. (Maybe with jailbreak only.)

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                      Navnath Lanke

                      Thank you very much  Jon,

                           Actually i have gone through this documentation and also tried to find it out in other documentation present on Launchpad. But I am not able to understand how i can use this in to what i want. Can you please provide me a tutorial regarding this, Basically I want to target Android, Blackberry and windows phone. Tutorial on any one platform (Android/ BlackBerry/Windows Phone) will be very helpful to me, after that I will get the exact path to follow and then I can do it for rest of the platforms.



                      Your help regarding this will surely help me to achieve the goal.

                      Thank you again for any help you can provide.