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    Install Gems in a Gemset

    Jon Tara

      Installing RhoMobile Suite on OSX with rvm.


      rvm support seems incomplete. The install lets you choose a particular Ruby, but does not allow you to specify the Gemset to install into, nor does it create a Gemset.


      I do NOT want RhoMobile Suite making a mess in my default Gemset! This negates half the reason for using rvm! It's really uncool that the install does this without warning.


      I tried creating a Gemset and setting it as the default Gemset for the Ruby version that I am installing into, but the Install Gems script still installs into the default Gemset.


      Does Install Gems install anything more than Rhodes? That is, I know it will install dependencies, but does this give me anything more than just installing Rhodes using gem install Rhodes?

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          Jon Tara

          Answering my own question for the benefit of others after looking at the install script...


          The install script has no provision for installing into a Gemset. This should be fixed! The Install has to stop assuming that the world revolves around RhoMobile Suite! It should not be making the assumption that the developer only develops Rhodes apps, and only the current version.


          Install Gems does indeed install more Gems than just Rhodes. Read the install script and then installed these manually:


          rhomobile-debug (not included in install, gets it from online repo)

          rhodes (this is in online repo, but I installed from install image)

          rhoelements (not in online repo, installed from install image)

          rhoconnect (installed into separate "rhoconnect' gemset, I do not want to pollute "rhodes" gemset with this

          rhoconnect-adapters (see above)

          rhohub (separate gemset "rhohub")

          rhodes-translator (not included in install, get it from online repo)


          What is rhodes-translator?


          What a mess! You'd think RhoMobile would have gotten their Install act together by now. Always a pain in the butt.

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              I agree with you that this needs to be improved (along with launching the app with a gemset active) but it is solvable like you said. I've been running RhoSuite from a gemset for quite a while now, and in fact am running multiple version in different gemsets. The biggest thing to remember is if you are using RhoConnect to do a "bundle install" from your application after creating the new gemset so that it can install the required runtime gems.



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                  Hi Chris


                  just installed RhoMobile 4.0 beta to test it for upcoming projects ( I was not convinced by previous version ..)

                  As a Rails/Ruby developer I use RVM and gemsets...

                  I installed rhodes 4.0beta gem into one of my gemsets named  'rhomobile', but starting RhoStudio , file > new >project - Rhomobile Application, I get my first error ! :

                  cannot find  Rhodes, need version equal or greater 3.2.0 ( see documentation .. /rhodes/install)

                  Obviously it doesn't take in account my gem install in RVM gemset..

                  How can I set it into RhoStudio preferences ?

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                  Hi Jon


                  Added this to rhodes backlog for next release.