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    How does "set :sync_priority" affect the order of data being exchanged?


      i have a application consisting of a number of models, with sync_priority specified. however it appears that the order specified is not being followed.

      for 2 models sync_priority is set to 3 and for one of the model it is set to 4. logic dictates changes (updates and inserts) from models with sync_priority 3 should be uploaded first followed by the data from model with sync_priority 4 but the opposite is happening.


      i have tried changing the priority to 3, 10 & 20, in which case data from model with priority 3 gets uploaded last.

      the rhoconnect app uses tiny_tds to talk to a SQL server, executing stored proc for various adapters in place. i have put some logging on the tables, which confirm my findings.

      i am using RhoMobile Suite 2.2.