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    OS update failure...


      I followed below procedure with Full_Package_Update.zip   (102112)

      1)Connect Voltron to PC over micro-USB cable

      2)Turn on “USB Mass Storage” on Voltron

      3)Copy FullPackageUpdate.zip onto root dir on internal SD card

      4)Note: Battery must be 90% charged to perform update

      5)Press and hold Left Trigger, Vol+, and Power Button. Unit will reboot at this point.

      6)Keep holding down Left Trigger, (release Vol+ and Power Button at this point)

      7)When Android logo appears on the screen release Left Trigger

      8)Press Home key to launch the Recovery menu

      9)Use Vol+/Vol- key to navigate up/down highlight item

      10)Use PTT to select menu item

      11)Select “apply update from /sdcard”

      12)Select the “FullPackageUpdate.zip” package on /sdcard


      However the device show below error message.


      Do you have any idea?


      Thanks in advance.


      - Jaehoon -  [South Korea]