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    Rhoelements scanner error.

    Florin Cretu


      I test Rhoelements on MC9190-G Win CE.

      I found log full of this lines


      W 01/07/2009 03:35:59:000 0970000e Core::CMeta::SetPlugProperty| Module content not found.

      W 01/07/2009 03:35:59:000 0970000e Core::CMeta::SetPlugProperty| Module content not found.

      W 01/07/2009 03:35:59:000 229f02c6 Scanner::CScanner::SubmitReadThread| The barcode was successfully scanned but the scan buffer has an invalid status

      W 01/07/2009 03:35:59:000 22b002ee Scanner::CScanner::SubmitReadThread| The barcode was successfully scanned but the scan buffer has an invalid status



      Time to time the bare code scanner is not activated and need to restart Rhoelements to make it work .

      Time to Time a intermittent BIP sound is hear. the problem solve when navigate to other web page.

      I'm playing with RhoElements CE Runtime

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          Glenn Sayer

          First check and make sure that you have not other applications that are also trying to control the scanner.  DataWedge can be one of these programs that can also control the scanner.  Try shutting down any other program that try to control the scanner and test again.  If this doesn't help?  Please share the code for the page that you are having issues with.

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            Benedict Kennedy

            Hi Florin,


            The "Module content not found" message is nothing to worry about. These are coming from RhoElements to say that those META tags aren't recognised as RhoElements Modules (plugins).

            This is reported because RhoElements supports the "EMML" language which allows the developer to define settings for our Device Feature modules which is done by using META tags. As "content" are HTTP/HTML messages and not RhoElements modules RhoElements reports that it can't understand them just in case the developer mis-spelt a real RhoElements module, or hasn't included a module in the Plugin.xml file. These values are still read and understood by the WebKit browser inside RhoElements.


            Regarding the scanner issues, I have seen similar log entries and it was a bug. This has been dealt with and fixed in our engineering branch but will not be available until the next release of RhoElements. About the intermittent BIP sound. Is this a single beep, or more than one in close proximity? If it is a single beep, this is part of the above fix. I must say I haven't seen the "barcode is not activated" issue before and I can't say for certain that it is related to the previous issue. Have you tried calling "scanner.disable()" followed by "scanner.enable()" in JavaScript when this happens? It probably isn't a sufficient workaround but it would help us diagnose where the problem is coming from. Alternatively, would you be willing to share your code so that we can see if we can find a possible solution/workaround for you?


            Best regards,


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                Florin Cretu

                Intermittent BIP sound is  more than one in close proximity, and is not stopping until a new page is loaded.


                By "bare code scanner is not activated" i mean  laser is not lighted, and i can not scan.

                I will try to insert in my code "scanner.disable()" followed by "scanner.enable()" but this is hard to test because is happen rare (~100-500 )

                the code is:


                <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">

                <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">


                <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

                <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="enable">

                      <META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="DecodeEvent:url('javascript:doScan(%json);')">     


                <script language="javascript">

                function doScan(jsonObject) {

                var transactionRunning=false;
                function updateShow(act){ 
                  if (transactionRunning == true){
                  if (act == "TRANSFER" || act == "RECEIVE"){
                  var y0=act;
                  var x1=document.getElementById('inputField');
                  var y1=escape(x1.value);
                  var x2=document.getElementById('item');
                  var y2=escape(x2.value);
                  var x3=document.getElementById('quantity');
                  var y3=escape(x3.value);
                  var x4=document.getElementById('iid');
                  var y4=escape(x4.value);
                  var x5=document.getElementById('lst_iid');
                  var y5=escape(x5.value);
                  var x6=document.getElementById('lst_quantity');
                  var y6=escape(x6.value);
                  var x11=document.getElementById('subinventory');
                  var y11=x11.options[x11.options.selectedIndex].value;
                  var x12=document.getElementById('l1');
                  var y12=x12.options[x12.options.selectedIndex].value;
                  var x13=document.getElementById('l2');
                  var y13=x13.options[x13.options.selectedIndex].value;
                  var x14=document.getElementById('l3');
                  var y14=x14.options[x14.options.selectedIndex].value;


                function setInfoIcons(){
                battery.layout = "left";
                battery.color = "#FF0000";
                battery.visibility = "visible";
                battery.top =10;

                signal.layout = "right";
                signal.color = "#FF0000";
                signal.visibility = "visible";
                signal.top =10;





                I can share all code if needed but is not contain any other code connected with rhoelements.