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    System.open_url(file_name) fails to open APK on Android

    Marcus Atkins

      Hi All,


      I am trying to get my 'Upgrade Function' in my software to work. This upgrade function downloads an *.apk file from our website back end, I then open that APK to re-install the software (in effect updating)


      When I call System.open_url(*my APK*) I get a message from Android saying:


      Open in...

      No applications can perform this action.


      What could be the issue, I have used the same code in Windows Mobile (using *.cab obviously) and it worked fine?


      I can manually find the APK (which gets stored on the sdcard) and click it and it opens and installs fine.


      This is on a Motorola ET1 tablet running Android 2.3.4


      Any help would be much appreciated!