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    do_sync manually

      hi !

      i have one question: if we make a rhodes project, by default, the engine of syncronization is automaticaly activated on 300 secounds. please, can anybody told me where i must to modify , when i logged in do not make automaticaly the synchronization. i want to make it only by pressing the button.

      thk .

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          The "sync on login success" behavior is implemented in your settings controller by default: app/Settings/controller.rb


          def login_callback
              errCode = @params['error_code'].to_i
              if errCode == 0
              # run sync if we were successful
              WebView.navigate Rho::RhoConfig.options_path
              if errCode == Rho::RhoError::ERR_CUSTOMSYNCSERVER
              @msg = @params['error_message']
            if !@msg || @msg.length == 0   
              @msg = Rho::RhoError.new(errCode).message
                WebView.navigate ( url_for :action => :login, :query => {:msg => @msg} )


          Here you would comment out line 6 if you don't want the sync to happen after login.

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            Hector Meza

            set_pollinterval controlls the sync interval, setting to 0 will disable


            the /app/setting controller.rb has the sync logic

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                i know that Hector M. but i'm not using SOAP , so in my rhoconnect application

                you told my about settings/settigns.yml to modify set_pollinterval to 0. i'm using .NET plugin. it's true if i use SOAP that is the setting, butin my case it's not so good.

                actually, in my case, the rhoconnect application can make the sync ( my server it's ok, it doesn't have problemm), but on client part, it's embarrassing to be in application  and in your activity the programm to make the synchronization. so i should remove this setting , but it's on client part (on rhodes application).

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                Lars it's ok what you post. i wasn't quite clear (my bad):

                when i let the programm to run it make automaticaly the sync (indifferent i'm logged in/out). i want to make manualy sync if you are logged in or if not.

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                  can someone help me with how to make a manual  synchronization?