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    What files need to be in source control?

      I'm trying to figure out exactly what files need to be in source control for a RhoMobile (RhoStudio) project. In looking at the auto-generated git.ignore file it doesn't look like much should be excluded but what about these files:

      • rhoconfig.txt.changes
      • rhosimulator (directory)
      • .project files (I don't see how to source control these since they include links to the framework which is installed in each user's home directory since that's where rvm is, but at the same time I don't see how we can NOT source control these unless every user would be required to keep them up to date - headache!! Maybe we can use variables?)
      • Gemfile.lock
      • Gemfile.new


      Thanks, Chris

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          Hector Meza

          Chris, the files and directories that I would tag for source control

          - app (directory)

          - framework (directory)


          -public (directory)

          - build.yml (file)

          -rhoconfig.txt (file)



          Keep in mind that the directory content can contain changes you make i.e. public may have added images, and different build versions may also affect it.  You should also make note of the build version you use as the gem's are tied to it.


          Hope this helps


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            • Gemfile.lock
            • Gemfile.new

            Gemfile.new is a tempfile created by the rhoconnect update command.  Once you have modified your Gemfile as the command instructs, you can throw away this file.  Gemfile.lock should always be checked into source control for an application (hence why it is not in the .gitignore).