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    Read & Write MIFARE Ultralight cards with MC75A Reader



      I am trying to work a MC75A I received but I am having some difficulties when it comes to ultrlight cards.

      I have made a test app that uses WCE_StelHost.dll and does as follows:


      When it starts it calls SH_Init_Library and SH_MFCRYPTO_Init.

      I select a Ultralight Card  by calling SH_TAG_Enumerate and then SH_TAG_Select



      Here is where my problems starts. I don't know what to use in order to read and write form the card. When I looked in the manual

      (DP034878MUL003_260_[Stel_HOST_API_Reference_Manual].pdf) I didn't saw any function made for ultralight cards. I thought to use SH_TAG_Transceive but it's not clear to me what parameters I need to transfer to it in order to read/write ultralights.


      When I work with  classic 1K cards I have no problems selecting reading or writing( insted of SH_TAG_Select I use SH_MFCRYPTO_Select and to read and write I use

      SH_MFCRYPTO_Read and SH_MFCRYPTO_Write)



      Does anyone know what I need to do or have a sample for ultralights?