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    Customizing RhoStudio for some file extensions

    Pietro Francesco Maggi

      *** Even if it worked for me, does not mean that can works for every setup. I've done my testings with RhoStudio v2.2.12. ***

      *** Just remember to do a backup of your setup before you try this out.  ***


      By default, RhoStudio, comes with *.html associated to the internal web browser. This can be a bit frustrating when you've to add some static content to your app and double-clicking on the files open the internal browser view.


      This configuration can be changed in the Preferences!


      On Windows, you can go to "Windows -> Preferences -> General -> File Extension" and change this setup.


      Another file extension that needs some love is the *.css. It's not included in the default list you get with RhoStudio v2.2, so you've to add the extension and then add a program to view it.

      The problem is that, by default, there's no syntax coloring for HTML pages or CSS style sheet, but the text editor is better than nothing!


      You can improve the situation, selecting an external program to associate to the file extension (something like notepad++) or you can install the Eclipse plugin "Web Page Editor".


      To install this plugin, on windows, select: "help -> install new software..."

      then add the new site "Eclipse - http://download.eclipse.org/releases/juno"

      RhoStudio now downloads the list of available plugins. At the end you can find "Web, XML, Java EE...." expand that and select the "Web Page Editor" plugin.


      When you completed this setup, RhoStudio needs to restart. After that, you gain a couple of useful editors:

      * HTML Editor

      * CSS Editor


      Happy coding.