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    Rhohub:Is migration from Rhosync to Rhoconnect mandatory?

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      I have an existing Rhosync app which was deployed April 16,2012. I see a Notice at the top :


      This application is deployed on the older Heroku Bamboo stack and cannot be re-deployed on the Bamboo stack. If you un-deploy and re-deploy this application, the newer Heroku Cedar stack will be used and your application may not function correctly unless you have already migrated to RhoConnect.


      Does this mean it will not function as is unless I migrate?

      I tried to use an app which utilized it and worked in the past, but now I'm getting "Could not establish network connection."


      The instructions for migration here : http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoconnect/migration seem to be for Rhosync apps developed locally and then pushed up to Rhohub. My Rhosync app was developed directly in Rhohub using the Rhohub Editor which is now sunsetted. So, if I am to follow those migration steps, does it mean I'll have to first clone it to my dev machine, follow the steps and then push it back?