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    IE instead of webkit on windows mobile when building in RhoHub

    Nicolas Grolleau

      I'm trying to deploy an application on a windows mobile 6 (Motorolla ES400) but the application doesn't start.

      After investigation I found that there is a syntax error while loading the jquery js file because the app is runing in ie instead of webkit.


      I've tried to change options in build.yml : remove non_motorola_device and add motorola_browser, but nothing has effect.


      I tried with a new rho elements application and have the same result. If I echo the result of


      I get "IE".


      What should I do to have my app use webkit?


      I'm using RhoMobile Suite 2.2 and building to windows mobile using Rho hub (using Rhodes git version


      (edited the title as this seems to be a RhoHub issue)