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    Ipad UI orientation

    Bart Fukkink

      Good day,


      Now that we managed to get our app in the appstore, we noticed a slight problem with our interface orientation when starting the application.

      It always wants to start in portrait mode, but our application only supports the landscape mode at the moment.


      A visual representation of our problem:

      - Our app starts as in the screenshot of ipad_1 (when we hold the tablet in Landscape mode with the home button pointing left).

      - We turn the ipad to be in portrait mode and the ui changes to screenshot ipad_2 (Home button pointing up or down).

      - Then we turn it back to landscape mode (Home button to the left again) and the ui changes to ipad_3.png.


      - All these tests where done with the settings from the screenshot in ipad_4.

      These settings where made by opening the project in XCode and there changing the info.plist file.


      Does anyone know a reliable way to change this?