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    Problem with MC3190-G stability

    Mathieu Laflamme



      We have serious problems with this handheld device model. We purchased older models MC3090 in the pass and didn't have problems we have right now with MC3190.


      I have 2 questions:

      1. Operating system crash after closing our in house application. It ends up doing a cold boot and the gun setup is wiped out... We know we can store applications where it doesn't get wiped after cold boot but we never had crash like that with MC3090. It doesn't crash when debogging using Visual Studio connected with the dongle via USB.
      2. Is it possible to switch operating system from Windows CE to Windows Mobile to help resolving our issues. I'm thinking maybe Windows Mobile is more robust.


      We are developing in Visual Studio .Net 2008.


      On those 3190 guns, we installed CF 3.5 and we got lots of stability issues after... we finally didn't upgraded but its is possible the gun still had traces of CF 3.5 after cold boots???


      Thanks in advance for your help.