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    ET1 Scanner / Imager Issue - is there a work around?

      This post addresses an issue that was recently found while troubleshooting an issue (https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/message/6944) related to enabling the imager viewport.


      If the scanner object is enabled, the imager viewport will not display on the device. Attached is a sample application that demonstrates this behavior (Thanks to Rob Galvin for the template used to create the demo app).


      The ET1 that I am testing on has a SE4500-DL Scan Imager Module attached.


      Additional device specs:

      Model#: ET1

      Android Version: 2.3.4

      Bootloader Version: 1.1.4 (2012-Jun-8)

      Kernel version: root@android-build#1

      Build number: 03-271301-1852-0602-00-M1-060812




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          Robert Galvin



          Glad we figured out what the issue was, i did not realize you were trying to do scanning and image capture at the same time. The Imager API is a legacy API from RhoElements that uses the same engine as the scanner to capture images. At the time a lot of our customers where also using there 2D imager to capture images of packages that they just scanned and this was the only way via Javascript to engage the camera. So right now it has this limitation. Now in 2.2 that we exposed Rhodes APIs via Javascript but in your case I think you are just using the shared runtime and not building a Rhodes app. In this case the Rhodes APIs are not available to your app via JS otherwise, what you would do is to use the Camera API for image capture instead: http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhodesapi/camera-api


          You will have to do a scanner.disable before you do the imager.enable and then upon imager.captureEvent or imager.disable event  re-enable the scanner.