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    Content of the blob folder

    Bart Fukkink



      We are updating our application to let our backoffice system sync files (drawings, photo's and manuals) to our client application. We are now exploring the options to save these files on the device to open them later. These files are stored as blobs. According to the documentation (http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhodesapi/rhoapplication-api#getblobfolder), the method "get_blob_folder" should give me the folder with all the blob files as content. It seems to me that this is not the case.


      When using this sample code, I get no files that are stored in the folder:


      d = Dir.new( Rho::RhoApplication.get_blob_folder() )
      puts d.entries.inspect


      This results in something like: [".", ".."], wich is the default content of a folder. We tested this on the simulator and our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2, and we both got the same result.


      Could anyone advice me if there is a special way of syncing the files so that they appear in that folder?