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    rho_javascript_api.js - Is this compatable with a HTML5/JavaScript 'Hybrid' application (for ET1)?

      My ET1 application is written in HTML5/Javascript and is designed to be a fully functional 'offline' application. Attempts to implement the rho_javascript_api.js functions have been unsuccessful so far. The online documentation is very vague when it comes to implementing JavaScript calls to the functions included in rho_javascript_api.js.


      The following is an error contained in the logcat output when attempting to make a call to the takePicture() function:

      01-15 15:46:18.914: I/APP(9717): E 01/15/2013 15:46:18:921 000025f5 ElementsCore onConsole| JavaScript file:///mnt/sdcard/IntelliCHECKmobile/scripts/rho_javascript_api.js, line 85: TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating '$.toJSON(cmd)')


      The questions are:

           Can rho_javascript_api.js can be used in the HTML5/JavaScript environment - 100% HTML5/JavaScript; NO Ruby, etc...?

           If so, are there any working examples available?


           Any help would be greatly appreciated,