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    Problems getting the Scanner API to work in RhoStudio

    Daniel Brookes



      I'm new and just trying to fumble my way through working out how to use RhoStudio so please bare with me if I seem a bit slow!

      I'm trying to develop a simple barcode scanner application and I've spent a great deal of time trying to get the Scanner to work - each time i run I get the error:

      const missing: Scanner

      which indicates that the Scanner API is not available.


      I've tried testing via the RhoEmulator (WindowsCE which is what my final device will be running) as well as testing a build on my HTC Android phone, still with no luck.


      I've tried editing my build.yml file with both app_type: "rhoelements" as well as adding motorola_browser to the capabilities (I've also tried no capabilties and non_motorola_browser to no avail).


      I've trawled several forums (and found the exact same problem) but still without a solution. I've also tried building a new app and following the InventoryManagement tutorial step by step and this yields the same results...


      Please... Any advice on where I might go next?