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    RhoConnect Push

    Peter Arcuri

      I followed Lars video on RhoConnect Push and replicated the environment as closely as possible. I have Rails back-end running with a vanilla RhoConnect server along with RhoConnect-Push. I've deployed the RhoConnect-Push-Service.apk to my ET1. I'm able to push messages directly to my device upon demand.


      All working fine except for the fact that updates performed on the Rails app followed by refreshing the page on the ET1 doesn't affect in a timely manner. In fact it syncs up within 5 minutes regardless when updates to the Rails app were performed. Since this is a vanilla rhoconnect app without a model there is no poll_interval attribute in settings.yml. Where is this default 5 minutes interval set and does it matter since RhoConnect is what sends the nudge. Similarly to the message.


      Although I’ve carefully followed Lars video I might have missed something.


      I appreciate any insight.

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          It looks like there's a typo in the rails app product model (which would explain why updates don't propagate until the 5 minute poll interval expires).


          Rails logs ("lamdba" should be "lambda"):

          [2013-01-22 18:39:05] WARN  Could not determine content-length of response body.

          Set content-length of the response or set Response#chunked = true

          Product: rhoconnect_destroy returned unexpected error: undefined method `lamdba'

          for #<Product:0x44a9408>


          Which results in the following RhoConnect logs:


          [06:38:12 PM 2013-01-22] Use of the POST /application is deprecated. Use Rhoconn

          ect API v1 instead.

          [06:38:13 PM 2013-01-22] SourceAdapter raised delete exception: 500 Internal Ser

          ver Error

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              Peter Arcuri

              You're the man - Lars!


              I can kick myself silly for that typo... I appologize for not seeing it before crying wolf, although I did spend a day staring at it.


              Your explanation of the issue has helped me better understand the inner workings hence knowing what to look for and where to go when something goes wrong.