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    ET1 App on Windows Mobile ES400

    Daniel Goncalves



      I have an App that works perfectly on the ET1. I want to install it now on a Motorola ES400, ignoring all the UI differences and possibly CSS corrections, this should work without major code changes, right?

      In the ET1 i had to disable all the datawedge profiles for the scanning to work properly. Does that apply to Windows mobile devices too?


      First problem i'm having is i can only build for windows mobile in Rhohub, using Rhostudio I keep getting this error trying to build for a windows mobile device or the emulator:


      {"libraries"=>["rhoelements"], "nativelibs"=>["rhowebkit.lib"], "exttype"=>"nativelib", "android"=>{"rhodes_listener"=>"com.rhomobile.rhoelements.rhoelements.WebkitRhodesListener", "exttype"=>"prebuilt"}}


      extpath - C:/MotorolaRhoMobileSuite2.2.1.12/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rhoelements-

      start read reg key

      end read reg key

      C:\MotorolaRhoMobileSuite2.2.1.12\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.9.1\gems\rhoelements-\libs\rhoelements\ext>if "wm" == "wm" (

      cd ./wm 

      rake --trace


      RET: 1

      Error in build application. Build is terminated.


      Not sure what it could be or where to look first.