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    MSP Production site bundle register value changes

    Tuomas Määttä



      I have a problem with Motorola MC65  (Windows Mobile 6.5.3) device conserning MSP Production site bundle register value. Site has been configured to have a register value change as follows:


      Registry Base Path 1:HKEY_CURRENT_USER
                Registry Key Name 1:\ControlPanel\Sip
                     Registry Value Type 1:DWORD (decimal)
                          Registry Value Name 1:TurnOffAutoDeploy
                          Registry DWORD Value 1:1


      It is a setting and the production site bundle is configured to have this setting. Even though I can see devices wich have this registry value changed from 1 to 0. How is that possible? Should that setting be persistent throug both cold and warm boots? Devices have not been clean booted.


      I even tried to warm boot and cold boot one test device, but I did not see any change in the registry.


      I would really appreciate any help with this problem.

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          Peter Arcuri

          Have you seen the values set to 1 and then noticed them revert back to 0? Or is the case that you presume MSP bundle register settings updated the values? You may want to check the key values before and after the MSP register setting deployment, and insure the values do get updated to 1.


          You're correct in that warm-boot and cold-boot will not reset the registry.


          However, if an unsuspected system initiated clean-boot is performed then that would be considered a corrupted enviroment; whereby a clean-boot is required to restore the file system and enviroment.

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