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    Inconsistent Rhoelements run-time and build-time nags

    Jon Tara

      I'm working on a project that uses Signature Capture. From reviewing posts here as well as the documentation, it seems this requires a RhoElements license, though it is not in a technical sense a RhoElements feature. It is an "Enterprise Feature" incorporated in Rhodes.


      Some members of our team are getting popup nag messages, and some are not. Actually, I think I'm the only one getting them. One thing we noted is that I am the only one on the team who has installed RhoMobile Suite. The others are just working with the Gem and using command-line tools. (I am loathe to bring this up, but perhaps the Gem is not enforcing the nag for Enterprise Features if RhoMobile Suite has not been installed...)


      We are all using Rhodes Our YML does NOT have app_type: rhoelements.


      The nag messages are inconsistent. There are three possible scenarios, randomly applied at application startup:


      1. Please Supply RhoElements License Key

         License Confirmed

         Please Supply RhoElements License Key


      2. License Confirmed


      3. Please Supply RhoElements License Key


      These three scenarios occur randomly at start-up.


      It could be also that other team members just aren't noticing the nags, because I see that on the iOS simulator it will popup only briefly and then be covered by a white screen, and doesn't need to be dismissed. (It just goes away, and may be different on Android devices.


      Edit: I have two devices with the app installed built by other team member. Both consistently display "license confirmed" at start-up.


      We also get possibly inconsistent messages during build.


      "License is required to run RhoElements application.

      Please provide "motorola license: and "motorola license company" parameters in build.yml."


      I get this during device build or clean. (Not simulator.)


      This happens during clean when set to build for device.