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    MC40  OTG functionality and/or Upgrade to 4.0 or 4.1

      We have developed an app that requires the use of  USB OTG so the MC40 will act as a Host to a DSLR.  We have tested  with many phones running Android 3.1 and above and it works well for us.  Your device runs 2.3 presently but clearly stated that it has OTG functionality at the current build.


      Our initial tests have been failing to treat the connected usb devices as clients such as Keyboards, mice and the specific item we require our DSLR Camera.  (Currently a D7000) Is there something else we need to do since the functionality was not naively in the kernel in 2.3.


      The application is written and works wonderfully on other Android 4.0 devices with OTG capability but we are not pleased with the add on MSRs/swipers available as they are not very reliable.  This is the reason we selected the MC40 to test..  Built in MSR and OTG functionality.


      We were also told that we could upgrade the MC40 to ICS.  I have searched everywhere for the ICS upgrade with no luck and I see that it is not yet available for the ET1.


      Considering ICS has over 25% market share and growing it appears to be an important version.  JB is also more than adequate but the features we require exist in ICS.


      Anyone that can help us get OTG working so we can use the MC40 the same way we use MOTO RAZR M or a Samsung Galaxy S3 it would be very much apreciated.