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    ResizeOnSIP does not work on Android for Rho Version 2

    Dino Gregorich

      I have found that 'ResizeOnSIP' does not work on the Android Rho Version 2 (on the ET1).  When set to 0, it continues to resizes the page.  This is undesireable behavior for my current application.  The 'EnableSIP' setting works fine.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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          ResizeOnSIP of config is only applicable for Windows Mobile






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              Dino Gregorich

              Thanks for the feedback, but I think it is a bug.  I write demo applications for our account managers to demonstrate devices.  So I toggle between Windows Mobile and Android with my demo apps often.  I wrote the original demo to run on Windows Mobile, then when placed on the Android (MC40 and ET1), my code had to be opened and changed to resize and move things around when the SIP squeezed my screen to less than 50%.  But the original code, I put 2 text boxes at the top of the screen, control buttons in the middle and status at the bottom (where I expected the SIP, should it be needed, to cover when user was typing into the text boxes).


              Reading the setting information, it implies that the Windows Mobile Only part is the SIP being able to be moved around the screen.  But for Android and CE, it implies that the SIP will always be at the bottom.  That's OK, but those comments included with the ResizeOnSIP setting do not relate to the actual setting.  I desire the SIP in the Android to slide "over" the page, not squish it up and this setting should do that.


              IMHO...Even though ResizeOnSIP works with Windows Mobile, it should work the same in Android.  I don't need it to work on Windows Mobile, since most of the devices we demo have keyboards.  Many of the other Config settings work for both, so I expect this one to work as well.


              Hopefully the Rho folks will read this and provide information regarding it being a bug to be fixed or not.  Knowing this will help future development of apps that run on several different Operating Systems.