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    MC40 Scanner enumeration

    Ron Wilson

      Just got an MC40 (sweet little device by the way) and having a bit of a problem when enumerating scan devices with Scanner.enumerate.  This is in Ruby controller code if that matters.  The default device (SCN1) is the camera so the trigger opens the viewfinder.  I want to use the imager, which is SCN2, since I am doing repetitive barcode scanning.  Easy enough to hardcode that but prefer to show both in a configuration option since they both technically work.  Now to my problem...


      It seems in the enumeration both SCN1 and SCN2 have the same friendlyName, SCANNER_INTERNAL.  This is less than helpful.  Is there any other way to know which device is the camera and which is the imager?


      Thanks for any tips...



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          Robert Galvin

          Hi Ron


          Can you tell me which version of the MC40 software you have runnin on the device? This sounds like a bug. Unfortunately the only way is to look at the friendly name. Also does this unit have the MSR built in or is it the one that does not have the MSR?

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              Ron Wilson

              Hi Robert,


              Not sure which software version is most helpful...


              Kernel Version:  ny21rs0001-svc@ZIN52VMUBMC01#1

              Build Number: 01-271301-G-1100-0013-00-M1-111712


              This is a model MC40N0 with the built-in MSR.


              I searched the Moto support site but didn't see any firmware updates, only the recovery package.