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    Updating Rhomobile Suite, and Rhodes

    Jon Tara

      How does one update Rhomobile Suite? Just run the installer? There is absolutely nothing in the documentation about update.


      Also, I see the RhoMobile Suite 2.2SP1 lists Rhodes as a component. But there is no branch in the Github repo. I do see that there is a tag, as well as


      I also see there are no Gems available for and I can install from the Suite 2.2SP1. Can somebody tell me what the differences are in (guess I will do a diff between the tags in git...)


      Can we ever start getting some meaningful release notes?

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          Jon Tara

          It looks like was a small change for Window Mobile only.


, at least as-tagged, is actually newer than, and includes a reversion for Android. It also includes the WM change from


          What's in the Suite, though? The January 7, or an older


          Can somebody provide some clarity? Never a good idea to move the cheese like this!


          Edit: as it's dated January 11, I assume Suite 2.2SP1 includes the January 7 version of

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              Jon Tara

              Ack! The installer is still installing Gems in the default RVM gemset! What a mess! I thought this was going to be fixed?!

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                  Jon Tara

                  1. Open the .dmg file.


                  2. Install RhoStudio to Applications. (Rename your old RhoStudio first, if you want to keep it. Safest to delete it first, otherwise.)


                  3. In a terminal window, navigate to the .gems directory in the open Motorola Rhomobile Suite bundle.


                  4. rvm use ( type the Ruby version you want to install into)


                  5. rvm gemset create rhodes3.5.1.13 (or whatever you want to call the gemset)


                  6. rvm gemset use rhodes




                  gem install rhomobile-debug (Fetches rhomobile-debug from the online Gem repo)

                  gem install rhodes3.5.1.13.gem (Make sure to include the ".gem", so it will install from file)

                  gem install rhoelements2.2.13.gem

                  gem install rhoconnect-3.4.2.gem

                  gem install rhoconnect-adapters-1.0.5.gem

                  gem install rhohub-1.0.gem

                  gem install rhodes-translator (getches from the online Gem repo)


                  It's convenient to use auto-completion for the files names. Just type the first few letters and hit right-arrow.


                  As in the previous installer releases, the installer almost completely defeats the purpose of using rvm, by installing the gems in the default gemset.

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                Jon Tara

                Near as I can tell:


                - was released on December 18, and is included in RhoMobile Suite 2.2SP1.


                - Subsequently, a single Android commit made on December 17 was reverted on January 7.


                - The December 17 release was then re-tagged as


                - The January 18 release is now tagged as However, this is not what is in the RhoMobile Suite 2.2SP1, which even though it is labelled, is actually what is (now) tagged as


                Anybody know why the reversion was made? commit 6f17f6a36f, Android: onActivityResult handler is added to IRhoListener.


                To get the current (which is not the included in SP1) you will need to checkout tag and build the gem.