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    SMS app using SMS Gateway?

    Mark Nongkhlaw

      My organization already has an SMS Gateway. Presently, its being used to send and receive information via SMS messages from and to mobile handsets. In many cases, the SMS Gateway is used to push messages to user handsets. In other cases, user sends a keyword to a pre-defined number to pull in information to the handset. In both the cases, typically, there would be a middle tier app that runs on a webserver that gets the message from the handset via the Gateway, and depending on the requirements, might also query a database for the parameters/keywords sent by the handset, returns the results to the Gateway which then forwards them via SMS back to the user's mobile device.


      Now, there is a requirement  from a client to collect data or even do the data entry via SMS using the same SMS Gateway, but instead of an app running on a webserver, they need an app running on a device (preferably Android) that would facilitate the user to feed in the data and then populate a remote database using SMS messages via the SMS gateway. I must mention that there is no Internet access on the field locations where data is being collected and entered, and SMS is the only way to get the data thru in real time. So, storing the data on the device and syncing it afterwards is not an option.


      I'd like to know whether Rhodes/RhoElements can be used to do such a thing (especially to interact with an SMS gateway for populating a remote database) thru SMS messages.

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          Jon Tara

          What you are asking is impossible. An SMS gateway, by definition, is a gateway between SMS and TCP/IP. It allows SMS messages to be sent via TCP/IP. If you have no Internet connectivity in the field locations, then it isn't possible to use an SMS gateway. You just need to use the SMS on the device.


          Access to SMS on the device varies by platform. On iOS, for example, you can prepare a message and send it to the Messages app, but then the user will have to push the "Send" button complete the transmission. On other platforms, it may be possible to access SMS directly.

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              Mark Nongkhlaw

              Yes, Jon, I realized that to use the gateway, a Net connection would be required, whether its for an app running on the device or for a Web app.


              What do you suggest for such scenarios, is storing the data on device in offline mode and then syncing to database server whenever online the only way?