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    Navigation Error

    Peter Arcuri

      Working with a partner developing a large field mobility application for the MC7596 WM6.5.3 and for some strange reason it periodically displays a navigation  errror - Navigation timed out... when clicking on Retry it navigates to another error - Unable to find page.


      The log file for this instance of error is below:


      Given the json errors every time an AsyncHtpp request is executed we suspect it has to do with the callback possibly timing out. Tried replacing synchronous call with callbacks, which isn't convenient yet the error persists.  Below is relevant code snippet:


      Issue persists across ver 2.1 and v2.2. Any idea as to what is causing the navigation time out.

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          Yuriy Volyanskyy

          Is there any update on this?

          I think, we can disregard the piece of code that's in the original post, it's not what's causing the issue. We should pay attention to the last line in the log before the exception happens, RhoWKBrowserEngine.cpp in particular. As you can see, the perfect URL is created to call the show action of the WorkingStop model. Inside the show method we have a find method. We feel like the find is failing once in a while.


            def show

              @workingstop = Stop.find(@params['id'])

              @delivery_packages = @workingstop.delivery_packages   


              if @workingstop

                render :action => :show, :back => url_for(:action => :index)


                 redirect :action => :index