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    A few general observations

      Form where I stand this is what I see. I make these points in the hope that they are helpful:

      1. Hitherto mobile app development was more or less game-centric.
      2. Going forward the balance will be restored as more and more people discover that mobile apps can be very useful business tools.
      3. Hitherto native app development was relatively restricted to the resolute and knowledgeable few with abundant patience and bigger budgets.
      4. Going forward the entry barriers will fall over as those with HTML5 and CSS3 skill sets become increasingly interested and involved.
      5. The HTML5 page - in the words of Sir Tim Berners-Lee - is (like) a computer. This has important business implications although the point will probably be missed by game developers.
      6. In this development domain there are two sets of people; those who understand the technology required to write and deploy apps, and those who understand business and business processes.
      7. These two are converging on the same playing field but they are not there yet. There is still some distance to be covered.
      8. Rhostudio and Rhohub has all the promise and potential  I could wish for but it is still (from where I stand) wrapped in relative impenetrable technology challenges.
      9. Both parties need to rise to the occasion.
      10. Given the broader context within which Motorola operates I had high expectations for enterprise app development.


      Thank you.