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    Rhomobile vs. rhodes

    Andraž Stošić



      i guess i'm still kinda confused about rhomobile and i have some questions:


      What is the difference between rhodes and rhoelements exactly?

      Why and when to use Motorola Webkit vs. naitive browser?

      When to use app type rhoelements in build.yaml?


      Thanks for your answers.




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          Peter Arcuri

          Rhodes is an open-source framework allowing developers to create consumer-type applications free of charge. These apps can leverage a subset of dedicated APIs. In contrast, RhoElements is based on the Rhodes framework and offers a comprehensive range of enterprise APIs as well as support for Windows Embedded Handheld (Windows Mobile) and Windows CE.


          Feel free to review the API matrix for more info at http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/apicompatibility Take note of the code type indicators R (red) R (gray), E and H referenced through the matrix. Also the legend at the bottom of the page helps determine which APIs requires license versus those that are free.


          The open-source Webkit was ported particularly for Motorola WEHH and WinCE devices in order to elevate support for HTML5 and make use of styling libraries. While use of the webkit is optional, it can be used to enable field mobility apps that rely on HTML5 and web 2.0 features while leveraging css3 via the great third party javascirpt styling libraries available such as jQueryMobile and others.


          App-type: rhoelements is used in build.yml when referencing licensed-based APIs in projects. The absence of that is deemed a Rhohes project. See legend of API matrix. 


          Hope this helps clarify things.