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    DeviceReady event in Native App using the Javascript API


      Hello everyone,


      I'm currently porting a Phonegap app using the Rhoelements Javascript API.


      In my phonegap app, I was using jQuery deferred objects to initialize my websql database after the phonegap API and my custom js framework were fully loaded.


      My code was something like this:


      var GLOBALS = GLOBALS || {};
      GLOBALS.appReady = $.Deferred();
      GLOBALS.nativeReady = $.Deferred();
      * deviceready is dispatched by Phonegap
      document.addEventListener("deviceready", GLOBALS.nativeReady.resolve, false);
      $.when(GLOBALS.appReady, GLOBALS.nativeReady).then( function() {
           // Initialize database
      // More code below


      Is there a similar event I can use in rhoelements? Can someone point me a to a documentation link perhaps?