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    Unable to connect to my Wifi Network

    Viswamithra Rishi

      Hello Friends ,


      I am working on SB1 Motorala smart badge, suddenly what happened don't know my WiFi connection get  disconnected and  Wifi is working fine for all the other devices  .Please let me know How to connect Wifi to the SB1 Motorala smart badge device.   

      Thanks in advance



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          Hector Meza

          Viswa, there are several API's that can help you with connectivity, take a look a the "Network" and "Signal" API's in documentation (http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhoelements/signal).  That being said, are you enabling the Wifi connection in your application or are you looking to determine that one exist?  Usually Wifi connection and settings are set outside of the application as it may require security and location specific settings so the application is just validation that a connection exist.  If all your SB1's are working except 1, you may have a setup or HW issue - I would suggest reaching out to support for SB1 Wifi HW issues.



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              Dear Hector,


              Same issue we have but little different.

              The device was working perfectly and was able to connect to the wifi.

              My requirement is to call the webservices using ajax from the html page for the user validation.


              all of a sudden the device got disconnected with the wifi and from then we are not able to connect to the wifi netwrok at all.

              We did the following things:


              1. Restore for factory defaults - No impact.

              2. Restore the wireless settings to default and try once again - No impact

              3. copying the registry key to the device and rebooted the device - No  impact.


              Now the main issue: My login page is not able to connect to my webserver because of the wifi issue.

              I tried many times but no use. My development is on hold. Pl help what to do in such scenario.