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    RhoLog doesn't work...

      I find this very strange.  On my Win 7 box, I have a separate place for my application than for RhoStudio.  I use and only have one set of ruby in rhostudio.

      with the same project, if I use this command:

      rake clean:android

      rake run:android:rhosimulator


      I get a VERY QUICK compilation, and a NEW simulator AND my current code...and no logs.


      If I use this command

      rake clean:android

      rake run:android


      I get a VERY SLOW compilation, an OLD simulator /  AND MY OLD CODE...and logs at build.yml directory level.


      I can't figure out how the OLD code is showing up or how the old gem is being used!!??

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          Robert Galvin

          Can you attached logs for both scenarios?

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              Actually..no.  Logs are the reason I am getting into this in the first place.  It seems that RhoLog was changed in 3.4.2 and it doesn't work anymore.  I have tracked some info and put it in another question I have:



              BUT...they still don't work.  I am not sure that RhoLog has worked since the change in 3.4.2.  I am guessing that puts is redefined somewhere in the code so that output goes to a text file but it seems that RhoConfig was removed and therefore anything I tell the config file about a file to store the logs is never used.

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              1. 'rake run:android:rhosimulator' and 'rake run:android' are completely different commands.

              First one runs precompiled rhosimulator and you applicatoion inside on host machine. Only Ruby code is compiled thats why it is fast.

              Second command builds whole rhodes, runs Android emulator, and runs your app inside this emulator virtual machine. Is takes more time.

              There are no NEW or OLD simulators. These are different products... first is motorola product, second is Google product.


              2. Regarding to old gem used to build for Android emulator: are you sure? If yes look at build.yml for 'sdk' parameter. If no 'sdk' parameter there then last rhodes gem is used. You may also uninstall any old rhodes gem to be completely sure that right one is used.


              3. Regarding to old code runnning in Android emulator: uninstall you app from the emulator manually (like you can do it at Android phone) and do 'rake run:android' again. Also you may go to end of build log and look for apk installation status here.