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    rho-javascript reference in rhoelements app




      I'm trying to port a phonegap app to rhoelements using exclusively the Javascript API. I've already copied my static files in the corresponding public sub-folders and changed the start_path in rhoconfig,txt. According to the docs, in order to use the JS API, I need to add public/js/rho_javascript_api.js to my html, and enable the rho-javascript extension in the build.yml file by replacing the extensions property as follows: extensions: ["rho-javascript"]. However, I see no rho_javascript_api.js in my js directory. So the question is: How do I get that javascript file into my /public/js/ directory?


      I'm using the latest Rhostudio (installation package RMS_2.2.1.13.dmg). I know I need a motorola license to use most of the features we are planning to use, but I also understand that I can develop and debug my app without a license. I'm I right?