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    RhoStudio installation on Mac

    Ron Wilson

      I am not really a Mac user and just went through the process of setting up RhoStudio on a new MacBook running OS 10.8.x (Mountain Lion).  Having never done much of anything complex on a Mac this was something of an effort.  One thing that tripped me up was I was getting compile errors when trying to load Ruby from RVM.  From the docs it looked like it should be fairly straight forward but I kept getting the same error regardless of the Ruby patch version.  I eventually came across a very nice and detailed post on how to set up a Mac for general mobile development.  Since I had already loaded the latest SDK and XCode some of it didn't apply but it detailed out several steps not mentioned in the Rho docs for getting RVM, Ruby 1.9.3, and GIT installed.  I wanted to pass it on in case other Mac newbies might benefit.


      How to Install Xcode, Homebrew, Git, RVM, & Ruby 1.9.3 on Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion



      Also, when doing the RhoConnect - Push install it needed node.js installed first, which wasn't in the doc.  After loading Homebrew from this article that was easily done using 'brew install node'.