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    WM6 Screen keyboard & window resize problem

      Platform: WindowsMobile6

      rhodes 3.4.2

      When enter information in input field using screen keyboard, application window size get reduced.

      Then, when submit button is pressed, input field looses focus, and screen keyboard hides, app window size freezes for ~1sec and background app can be seen for that moment.

      Anybody had same problem? Any fix sugesstions?

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          Mark Nongkhlaw

          Maybe some problem with your app. I doubt anyone can help without app or code snippets.

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              so, i've got simple search form in index.erb with some input fields and submit button:

                   <form method="get" action="<%=url_for(:action => 'index')%>">

                        <select name="filter">

                             <option value='all' <%=selected('all',@params['filter'])%>>All tasks</option>

                             <option value='today' <%=selected('today',@params['filter'])%>>Today tasks</option>

                             <option value='scheduled' <%=selected('scheduled',@params['filter'])%>>Planned tasks</option>


                        <input type="submit" class="standardButton" value="MeklÄ“t"/>


              and controller method for search execution:

              def index

                  conditions = []

                  case @params["filter"]

                  when "scheduled"

                    conditions << "length(planned_time) > 0"

                  when "today"

                    conditions << "date('now') between date(planned_time) and date(ifnull(nullif(planned_time_end,''),planned_time))"

                  else #do nothing



                  criteria = @params['criteria'].to_s.gsub("'","''")

                  unless criteria.blank?

                    conditions << "(#{[

                      "status_name like '#{criteria}'",

                      "task_type like '#{criteria}'",

                      "address_group = '#{criteria}'",

                      "object_address like '#{criteria}'",

                      "party_name like '#{criteria}'",

                      "task_number like '#{criteria}'"

                    ].join(" or ")})"


                  @page = @params["page"].to_i

                  unless conditions.empty?

                    @tasks = Task.find(:all,

                      :conditions => conditions.join(' AND '),

                      :order => "address_order",

                      :per_page => TaskController::PER_PAGE,

                      :offset => @page * TaskController::PER_PAGE)


                    @tasks = []


                  MobiLe.list_url = url_for(:query => {:filter => @params['filter'], :mode => @params['mode'], :criteria => @params['criteria'] })



              Query executes at ~1sec - and for that time application UI freezes, and does not get resized when screen keyboard disappears...