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    Accessing SSL url from Rhoconnect


      I have a rhodes client and a rhoconnect application. Rhoconnect (application.rb file's authenticate method) is using another authentication service(java server) for further authentication.

      The java server, uses ssl. So, I am trying to call a ssl url from authencate().

      I have gone through the rhomobile and other documentation, also referred the sample project code. According to sample code, rhodes settings controller's do_login() uses cert.pem file and sends it with the authencation request.

      All files e.g.- *.cert, *.csr, *.pem files are generated and stored somewhere on the server(or third party location).


      As per my understanding-

      - *.cert,*csr and *.pem files will be created on the server.

      - when client requests for the first time, server sends the *.pem file to the client, which will be stored locally on the client, and then this pem file will be sent to the server for subsequent authentication requests.


      As of now my knowledge level is not so mature in this regard, I am not sure about my question if they are genuine..

      My queries are-

      1- How does this cert.pem file will be stored to the client?

      2- As I am using java keytool commands for generating certificates, does this support usage of PEM file?

      3- If #2's answer is NO, then what are the files to be generated/used with keytools with rhodes/rhoconnect app?

      4- If #2's answer is YES, then which are the files need to be generated and how they can be configured with the server?


      I would appreciate any help on this...